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Bridal Gift Set (Small)


Our Bridal Collection offers a different alternative of favors for the bride, bridesmaids, wedding party and wedding. There are three variations available. This favor set includes a salt scrub, body butter, and lip balm with metallic shredded paper in a clear gable box. Additional skin care is included in the other packages.

Our Birthday Collection includes an all natural salt scrub, whipped body butter and natural lip balm which is great for most skin types.  When you experience our Epsom salt bath benefits, you're in for a treat.  Applying salt scrubs is considered the best natural skin care due to natural minerals and oils that are used to exfoliate, hydrate and revitalize your skin.  Following exfoliation, you will have smooth moisturized skin which is the best skin care with a glow.

When you apply our whipped shea body butter, you will experience a smoothness and softening of the skin.  Shea body butter is the best body butter for it tones, conditions and soothes one's skin.  We suggest you apply it sparingly(dime-size) for it is extremely potent(no water added).  She body butter is known for being rich in anti-inflammatory, healing, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.  Shea butter is widely known as the best anti aging skin care.

When you apply our fresh lip balm, you immediately experience a natural softening of your lips which translates to having smooth lips.  It's an all season necessity plus it is the best lip balm for dry lips.  Our natural lip balm provides protective barrier rich in Vitamins A and E.  Keep in mind - there are two ways on how to keep your lips moist and that's by using our all natural lip balm and drinking water daily.

What makes our all natural skin care better than the rest is there aren't any artificial dyes, parabens or preservatives (with the exception of salt) in our products.

Our goal is for you to experience the best moisturized, smooth skin and smooth lips EVER as a result of our best body butter, all natural salt scrub, and all natural lip balm.

Small gable box: 2oz salt scrub / 2oz body butter / lip balm

Please review body butter, lip balm, and salt scrub products for benefits information.

Please review body butter, lip balm, and salt scrub products for ingredients listing.

Fragrance (Parfum)

Please review body butter, lip balm, and salt scrub products for usage information.

Bridal Gift Set (Small)