Welcome to MaKen SKrubs, LLC!  We’re glad you came for a visit.

Some years ago, I envisioned becoming a business owner of all natural remedies…not knowing how or what.  I interviewed many entrepreneurs hoping I would find my niche.   Innocently, MaKen SKrubs™ was founded by my mother and me through gifting handmade natural skincare products….people loved it so much we made it our business…MaKen SKrubs (home of SKrub-tious), LLC.

Behind the Name

       MaKen SKrubs™ has many meanings to us:   

         – It’s a combination of our names….Ma and Kendra

         – It’s pronounced mey-kuh n like Macon, GA (our hometown)

         – Lastly, we’re MaKen SKrubs, Shea body butter cream, natural bath bombs, all natural soap and soap bars, body lotion, and other all natural and handmade products for our beloved customers

Our business is built on a foundation of making people feel good which ultimately makes them happy.  We have worked extremely hard to give our customers what they want while making safe and affordable all natural handmade skincare products.  Even our labels are handmade, with one exception – no, we don’t make our containers.  We are also pleased our customers enjoy the original fragrances (LemonMint, Lavender, Distinction), but we truly love that we’re able to provide different and even more fragrances(Juteux, Man of Measure, Yacht Club) and products to come.     

MaKen SKrubs™ products are Made With You In Mind….


Ma and Kendra


Our products are created for external use only.




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